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How to make a Lamp Shade

Tired of the same old lamp shades? Frustrated with the limited selection when you are desperately seeking affordable uniqueness? You are not alone. Countless amounts of people are now taking the situation into their own hands. Recently, the idea of creating your own lamp shade has been on the minds of many. With the help of an imagination and countless tips from professionals, it is quite easy to create your own. It not only allows you to get the exact look that you want, but it gives your room a sense of individuality. After all, no one else will ever have the same look as you!

If you are weary of designing everything on your own, or are just not great with scissors and sewing, you can buy actual customized kits that will help you. They provide everything from the shape to instructions. A unique kit is called Maude's Lampshade Crafters Handbook. This instructional handbook is only $15.00 and can be even downloaded online as an e-book. It is filled with not only colorful photos, but also helps you make professional and elegant looking shades. It also comes with a book teaching you how to sew as well as money making ideas, if you'd like to make a profit off of your shades! All of this can be found at:

There are also several businesses who will provide instructional videoes for you to use. They can all be found in any craft store and will surely make your job a lot easier. Not fond of spending a lot of money? Not a problem. Many home and style network type shows provide a lot of decorating tips and ideas. Some networks even provide home decorating channels specifically for people who want to design their homes by themselves. For instance, HGTV had an entire special on how to make your own lamp shade. This is a great and free alternative to making something on your own.

If you already have an existing lamp, it is much easier to get measurements this way. You will also need a large working area, sharp scissors, fabric glue, trim for the shade, and colorful fabric. If its possible to take the cloth off of the formed plastic or metal underneath, you can actually use this as a pattern to copy. As for fabric, you can go wild with the patterns. To form a cylinder, you can sew the fabric ends and create gathers so they will sit on the lamp shade perfectly. Once you decorate your shade you can attach it by glueing it on with fabric or hot glue.

With so many resources, it's very simple to use your own creativity. It is so easy that you can change your lamp shades regularly and stun guests everytime. Whether you'd like to spend money or not, there is a way for you to create what you'd like. Thankfully television, books, and online resources allow us to take situations into our own hands.