pleated shade picture a pleated shade

Types of Shades

Window shades have always been a great way to spice up a room. The choices are endless and many now allow you to match your shades with other furniture in your room. No matter how picky or desperate you are, there is always a choice for you. So how do you know which type to choose? After all, there are hundreds of styles to choose from!

Pleated shades have always been the favorite style. With their unique patterns, colors, and textures, people are constantly using this design to complete their rooms. Pleated shades are a layer of polyester fabric which is scrunched up to make an accordian style design. The bottom is also heavier, as it makes it easier to lift up or down. This popular style has been used so frequently because they provide just enough light for a room. There are also "blackout" pleated shades which darken the room completly and do not allow any sun to come in. These designs are usually used for more intimate settings, including bedrooms and dens. Most people prefer the pleated look because they are convenient and easy to put anywhere. They are even used on speciality windows, including skylights and arches. It is almost important to note that these shades are durable and long lasting. While most shades need replacing, pleated shades can be used for years.

Roller shades are another popular design. They are usually made of vinyl fabric and are wrapped around a dowel. Sometimes there are also braided strings, which are used to accent the design. This is a great choice if you want the sun completly blocked out, along with your privacy intact.

If pleated or roller shades are not what you are looking for, there are still plenty of other options. Many enjoy the vertical blinds, which are just vertical panels. Usually these are not used for privacy, and are more for just keeping most of the light out. Luckily they can also be pulled to the side for more brightness.

Vinyl mini blinds are another favorite type of shade. This is because they are the most affordable blind on the market, yet are still very durable and come in great colors! For instance, you also can get "faux wood" blinds, which makes it appear very expensive and beautiful. Most importantly, they are also very easy to clean and never rust. Many people like the idea of shades preventing any type of fading. It is essential for a room with a lot of windows and sunlight.

Overall, there are many different types of designs and kinds to choose from. While most prefer the pleated look, vinyl mini blinds are also very popular. Luckily there are specific kinds which tailor to your needs. Everyone can use them, whether they are looking for a reasonable price or extravagence. With the home interior business rapidly evolving, there is no slowing down for the growth of such products. Years from now we will still have a wide array of shades to choose from.